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Delivering scaleable and configureable UpdatePower services for large enterprises

The UpdatePower Managed Services are high-end server based commercial services supporting custom configurations, quality high-volume processing, and large database content enhancement and maintenance. They are proven solutions for both large enterprise and content publishers maintaining company and contact databases.

Verify and profile with industrial strength

These services are fueled by industrial strength server-based automated applications that are designed to leverage the UpdatePower Indexes and the Web as a data source identifying and delivering real-time intelligence. The solutions are powerful because they support high-volume configured processing and filtering of real-time key company decision-makers and influencers, and other critical company elements. The solutions are unique, because unlike traditional data sources, they do not access internal static content stored on database servers. But instead, upon request, stream with lightening speed across the UpdatePower indexes and the Web delivering only the freshest company intelligence.

Key features and Benefits:

  • Company Prequalification - Analyzes and scores urls goodness of fit, appending urls and automating prospect prequalification.
  • Profiling Enhancements – Delivers rapid highly accurate standardized intelligence including recent executives, customers, and partners on known companies.
  • Contact Verification - Verifies with extreme accuracy whether specified company contacts are still indicated at the company. This automated batch verification process analyzes the client’s contact database and validates that the executives are still employed at the company, and contact titles are correct.
  • Reduce Cost and Increases Value - Lowers marketing program and sales costs, and increases value and power of customer and prospect databases.



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