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Accuracy that makes a difference

Every day thousands of decision makers are changing jobs, new companies are opening and businesses are moving. As a result, it’s impossible for traditional third-party lead database and list sources to maintain highly accurate contact information, forcing you to waste time, marketing dollars , and sales resources on “dead” leads.

UpdatePower, by leveraging its direct links to trusted sources mapped to its “live” company index, harnesses the power of the Web to profile companies on demand and deliver only up-to-date information. Our profiling system helps make your marketing program and sales team more successful by providing real-time contact accuracy, high-volume coverage and data-element flexibility.

Key profiling advantages:

  • Record-breaking accuracy on structured data elements such as executive names and titles, addresses , and telephone. Company and contact coverage to support telemarketing and direct-mail programs.
  • Real-time company descriptions, news, and econometrics for prequalification.
  • Compatible with CRM applications and databases


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