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The Web today is not only the largest information platform, but also represents one of the most dynamic data sources - continuously increasing and constantly changing in step with today’s businesses

By using the Web as a dynamic source UpdatePower leads the way in redefining how information on companies is generated by successfully automating and enhancing a research and prospecting process that for decades has been a manual, labor intensive effort.

Search and Indexing Power

UpdatePower has indexed over 3 million companies and leverages nearly a billion trusted source pages to create the worlds largest live company index. The neural mappings to these companies creates a direct company network which enables UpdatePower applications to monitor rapid changes in the companies themselves including business changes, people changes, and address changes.

Accuracy and relevancy engines

In addition, by leveraging state-of-the-art meta search technologies UpdatePower enables companies to selectively define their personalized target markets leveraging UpdatePower Indexes and engage opportunities that are right for them. Using Natural Language processing NLP, UpdatePower captures business changes real-time, and implements proprietary patent pending relevancy engines and filters to deliver on demand current accurate business information. As a by-product of the real-time currency of this information, normal data degradation which is common in every third-party lead source is avoided, and true data integrity is delivered.



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